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Our Products

Decentralized Exchanges with AMM and an Order Book (DEX)

Winner of the DEX contest held by the Everscale community in September 2021. Implemented on a new generation fast Blockchain (Everscale, real world tests in Autumn 2021 resulted in 50k+ smart-contract transactions per second, practically capable for 1M+ scalability). Smart-contracts passed security audits.  

National Voting Audit Blockchain Solution 

This is an implementation phase of Decentralized Voting Audit solution for Latin America, developed in the summer of 2021.

Innovative Launchpad Project Architecture

A crucial part of every Blockchain is its Launchpad. A Launchpad creates a new utility for the ecosystem, attracting new users and helping to launch new projects. This enables projects to raise capital in a decentralized and interoperable environment.

NFT Art Generator & Publisher

Generative NFT Constructor & Marketplace (NEAR blockchain). Mainnet pre-release.

We Can Integrate Products into Your Blockchain Ecosystem

If you have your own product or would like us to integrate one of our own products  into your Blockchain, please

contact us.


We are more than happy to discuss potential opportunities with you or your client. 

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